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The Short Story: 

I'm a mother of three (one boy, two girls), and wife to a pretty great guy. I'm an avid reader and I plan to spend my retirement years trolling bookstores. You could attach these labels to me as well: traditionalist, dreamer, worrier, foodie, recovering perfectionist. I can have a wicked sense of humor and I hit the delete button often. 

As a former stylist, I now teach classes in interior decorating when I'm not writing about it. After years of writing curriculum, and a variety of magazine articles, I now focus my attention on writing about anything to do with home, lifestyle, family—all the good stuff—both non-fiction and fiction. And I'm addicted to my blog.

When I'm not tapping away at my computer keyboard, I'm letting the dogs out, letting them in, and trying to juggle motherhood, family, work, and play time just like everyone else. 
The Short Bio:

Kimberly Merritt is a writer, instructor, and former stylist, whose words and work have been featured in New Hampshire MagazineNew England Home Magazine, HGTV, Disney Family,, and elsewhere on the web. But you can always find her writing about home, family, and living on her blog, Beautiful Living.

Published since 2001, she is available to write for a variety of media outlets. Past articles include her interview with design giant, Carleton Varney (Dorothy Draper & Company Inc.), articles on home improvement, home and garden, and family life. 


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She is the creator of the Certified Decorating Professional ® programs offered in NH, CT, and CA. Kim has spoken at a variety of organizations including, WCAA, ADE, IRIS, and the Monadnock Writers' Group.

Kim lives in the New Hampshire woods with her family, and her beloved Border Collie, Cooper. And the latest addition to her family, her sweet and loveable Husky, Dante. Both rescued with love.

The Long Story:

I honestly feel like we shed our skins like a snake. Every 7 years or so, it's time to try something new, something different. We’re meant to grow and move forward, or in my case, backward. My career has come full circle.


My grandmother devoured Agatha Christie novels when I was a child and I would watch her read in wonder, jealous of the imaginary world she got swept up in. I wanted to travel to far off lands and go on adventures. I wanted to slay the dragon and solve the mystery. I wanted to fall in love again and again. I finally read a novel in one sitting when I was 12. From there on in, my love affair with words—read or written—had begun.

My deep affection for writing kicked in around the same time. I enjoyed creating stories and acting them out, whether I had an audience or not. I always had my head in the clouds, daydreaming the day away any chance I got. I didn’t know it at the time, but my little daydreaming escapades were the start of something wonderful. I could now envision the way something could look and feel, taste and smell. How can I...? What if I...? were now questions with infinite possibilities. Imagine that! And I did.

I won an English essay contest as a Freshman in high school and studied Communications at Northeastern University after I graduated. The stories were always there, but I was interested in so many things, they ended up shuttered away for longer than I could have imagined. 

But I kept writing.

I pursued my other interests and chose a career that came naturally. My mother collected antiques and would redecorate the house I grew up in too many times to count. I learned about combining different materials, textures, and colors with ease from her expert tutelage. I was self-taught at first, then honed my skills at Newbury College, where I studied design and merchandising. After finishing the program, I worked in boutiques dressing windows in Boston, and then interiors. 

Creating is creating. You can use a brush, a pen, an instrument—it’s all the same to me. I finally picked up my pen again.

My first magazine article was published in 2001. A magazine editor called after reading one of my blog posts and asked if I would write an article. I brazenly wrote three. Shortly thereafter, I was offered a job and my writing career was finally underway. I wrote a monthly column and feature articles for New Hampshire Magazine, then later, in other publications. I wrote about home and living at first, then broadened my strokes and started writing about subjects I like to read about. I moved on from mainstream non-fiction, to creative non-fiction, and fiction—my latest love.

My two worlds mingled for a time when I began writing educational materials for the classes I started to teach. It took me 8 months to write my first manual. I started following another passion—teaching. As someone who learned on the job, and in the classroom, I was able to combine the strengths of each into my curriculum. It’s an absolute joy to be a part of creating someone else’s story. 

As I approached mid-life, I realized life is growing short. It was time I started at the beginning. 

I’ve been pouring words onto the page for the last several years, completing project after project, mostly the non-fiction variety. I spend my days talking to the imaginary characters that live in my head and magically appear on my screen and in my notebooks, alive and well.

I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


"I love your website (blog), and your whole approach to living... ."
Katrina Kenison, best selling author - Gift of an Ordinary Day 

"Your articles never disappoint."
Rick Broussard - Editor, New Hampshire Magazine

"You have a growing number of fans for your Beautiful Living column. Keep writing!"
Susan Laughlin - Lifestyle editor, New Hampshire Magazine

"...prolific writer, busy mother, business woman, and a generous soul."
Mimi Bleau - Editor-in-Chief, Belle Inspiration Magazine

" your blog, your voice comes through as very approachable."
Kensie Travers - ELF Magazine

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"I just write what I wanted to write. I write what amuses me. 
It's totally for myself." - J.K. Rowling
Kimberly Merritt